Welcome, I am Matt Walters.  Founder of Grape Leaf Hospitality.


Thank you for visiting my website, I look forward to introducing you to Grape Leaf Hospitality, the properties I own and the services I offer.

In a nutshell, I advance hospitality and tourism businesses by helping them create realistic marketing plans, unique and efficiently designed spaces and set up financial tracking to maximizes profit and attract and maintain the customers they want. 

As a service provider, I believe all good relationships are based on the other person's priorities and it is my goal to undertand and implement yours.


   “Matt is an extraordinary visionary who is able to think out of the box and market his ideas creatively and contemporarily”  

           -- Nancy Helms, Marketing Director, Renaissance Hotel Seattle

    “Forward thinking; brilliant aptitude to capitalize on timely business opportunities; complex & detailed business planner possessing exceptional market savvy…Matt recognizes each and every nuance of business.”

          -- Lori Main, Co-owner, Westbrook/Main

    “Matt combines the creative with the business sense, so tackles things with the right perspective for everyone to create a win/win.  He provides a solid strategy with well thought-out tactics to meet goals and address needs while representing the brand – whether his or that of his partners.”

         -- Jolene DiSalvo, Vice President, Marketing, Columbia Hospitality


I can help you and your hospitality business

  • Get tangible results from all your marketing activities

  • Develop efficiencies to guide you in the right direction and take your business to the next level of growth and balance

  • Get a plan in place to create consistency and get off the roller-coaster

Let's Chat

I invite you to explore this website, review my biography and experience and then let's talk about how I can help you efficently market your business.      As you know, before anything is going to change,  you must take action!

Please give me a call at 206.456.5266.  I offer a free consultation to discuss what your needs are and determine if I can help, or if you prefer, I am also available via email.