About Matt and Grape Leaf HospitalityWe wear our sunglasses at night!

I love good wine, good friends and my family.

I live in Seattle and make a living by consulting, managing my properties the Quail Park Lodge, the Canyons Lodge and other business investments.  I constantly hear friends expressing how much they want my life, which makes me feel great and sometimes I do have to pinch myself and consider myself a very fortunate person!

So why this?

Until June of 2010 I had always had a regular day job.  I worked through college at a local hotel and fell in love with the tourism business.  Marketing and business was my focus and it made sense for me to combine this with my love for hospitality.  After quickly working my way from the front desk into the sales and marketing office of a large convention hotel, I embarked on a career that allowed me to travel the U.S., work internationally, and develop skills and life experiences that have proved invaluable.

The hotel business is a very difficult and time-consuming career.  Working in convention sales with the ever growing quotas and unrealistic expectations while trying to raise a family gave me a quick wake-up-call that if I was going to be working this hard, I was going to do it for myself or changing industries.  So, after contributing 10's of millions of dollars in revenue and exhausting hours to the big guys (Starwood, Hyatt, etc.) and then having the reality of a near-death experience with my mother, I had a change of attitude and I went into Pharmaceutical Sales.

There I found a great company, smart, passionate and intelligent people and the flexibility to embrace my passions and the companys' family-first approach was exactly what I needed and it was a great ride.

Well, times change and needless to say, I was laid-off.  And happy about it!

I had already purchased and renovated my 'Southern Utah retro lodge', established Grape Leaf Hospitality and Grape Leaf Properties and now without the time commitment to the pharmaceutical job - I took my severance and ran!

So here I am with a few things I know for sure:

  1. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
  2. Lodging, wine tasting and wine tourism are like peanut butter and chocolate: a nearly miraculous blend.
  3. I love what I do and am passionate about helping others!

I founded Grape Leaf Hospitality squarely upon the concept and the conviction that one of the greatest pleasures in the world for people is coming together with friends old and new, sharing great experiences and memories.  Traveling whether for business or pleasure always has a sense of adventure for the traveler and the marketing message, service and experience established by a business is the catalyst to heighten this experience.

With Grape Leaf, I’m concentrating on satisfying my clients by helping them find balance with the art of making memories for their guests, achieving the lifestyle they envision and the science of marketing.

Why the Wine Focus?

Wine is like art and is considered the "classy alcohol".  People enjoying the taste of wine are not seen as drunkards, they are seen as educated, intelligent people who work hard and love to relax with a beverage that is calming and has proven health benefits.

The reason for wine's reputation is based in reality.  The entire art and science of wine making renders this beverage  the most diversified in nuances of tastes and it is seen as a sacred drink that it's used in religious services more than any other beverage outside of water. 

In a stressful world in which people travel in order to relieve that stress, I believe that including wine directly into tourism and hospitality packages is a brilliant idea.

Lodging and Hospitality

Intimate, comfortable, relaxing, warm, inviting…..great adjectives for lodging.  Your guests are going to want to relax, leave the stresses of the job behind, meet friends, make new memories and reflect on old memories.

When I cater to guests, I ask myself, “What would I want?”  I never take short cuts and I always listen to my answer to that question. It has not failed me yet.

So here I am.  Ready to explore what I am passionate about and share with you.  My goal is to create a life that requires as few geographic and time boundaries as possible.  The 'it' term for this is "Lifestyle Design".   I call it  - Awesome!

If you share a similar desire to learn about these things, I hope you will give me call, send me an email, subscribe to my blog, visit often and share with others.

Thank you!


Matt Walters - Grape Leaf Hospitality - Passionate Hospitality Expert.  Marketing for Hotels, Wine Tourism, Lodging, Inns and B&B's.