“Always remember why you left the corporate rat race behind

to start a hospitality business in the first place.  Invite me to guide you

to a business and life worth toasting about.”



BIO:  Matt’s path to a satisfying and results-focused career in hospitality became clear at seven years old.  He extended an enthusiastic invitation to a broken down busload of German tourists that stopped in front of his grandmother’s house and invited them in for some lemonade.  The wheels on that bus may have been broken, yet they jumpstarted the forward motion on Matt’s bus to a successful career as a dedicated hospitality professional and entrepreneur.  He is fiercely committed to guiding tourism businesses, innkeepers, hoteliers, and winery owners to enjoy their passion and welcome a better balance sheet so they can sit back, sip some wine and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve chosen. 

Clients seeking a proven professional who can guide them through the overwhelming options of bookeeping, selecting and implementing a property management system, and managing the overwhelm that comes from evaluating all the marketing options to achieve “booked solid” status, look to Matt to get the mission accomplished. 

With over 20 years of hospitality marketing, management and ownership experience with top flight hospitality organizations including Starwood, Hilton, Best Western and Hyatt, and now the successful owner of The Canyons Collection, his mission and commitment is to offer clients proven, turn-key solutions and ensure that their lifestyle dream is one that doesn’t cause them to lose sleep.


What Satisfied Clients Say:

    “Matt is an extraordinary visionary who is able to think out of the box and market his ideas creatively and contemporarily”  

           -- Nancy Helms, Marketing Director, Renaissance Hotel Seattle


    “Forward thinking; brilliant aptitude to capitalize on timely business opportunities; complex & detailed business planner possessing exceptional market savvy…Matt recognizes each and every nuance of business.”

          -- Lori Main, Co-owner, Westbrook/Main


    “Matt combines the creative with the business sense, so tackles things with the right perspective for everyone to create a win/win.  He provides a solid strategy with well thought-out tactics to meet goals and address needs while representing the brand – whether his or that of his partners.”

         -- Jolene DiSalvo, Vice President, Marketing, Columbia Hospitality


What lights Matt up about this work is knowing that exceptional service is about creating memorable experiences for customers.  His passion and knowledge of the hospitality business -- combined with his unique ability to assess a business market and its nuances – are the tools he applies to show businesses how to focus and devise sustainable strategies to reach their goals.  At the heart of every engagement is the abiding belief that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all!

Over the years, Matt’s expertise has been honored with some notable accolades and milestones, including:

  • A succeesful sales and marketing career with Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton and Best Western Hotels.
  • Opened first U.S. Based sales office for British Columbia Resort - Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa.
  • His first lodging property, the Quail Park Lodge, more than doubled revenue growth the 2nd year of ownership and was named one of AOL Travels top 10 Budget Hotels of 2009.
  • Purchased his second property, The Canyons Lodge in January 2012 and quikly brought it to the #1 rated property in the market on TripAdvisor.com and increased revenue 68% in the first full year of ownership.
  • Purchased the Victorian Inn and created The Canyons Collection group of properties in 2014 which includes 4 inns and two vacation homes.
  • Matt was profiled in 'Lodging' magazine's 'Close Up' in 2009.  Read the article by clicking here.
  • Earned a Business Development degree from the University of Washington
  • Earned a Hospitality Marketing degree from Cornell Univeristy
  • Served on the Travel and Film Advisory Boards for both Kane County and Iron County, Utah.
  • Served on the Board of Directors for Washignton State Chapter of MPI - Meeting Professionals International
  • B.S. in communications from Southern Utah University

Matt -- The Personal Side

  • He converted to ‘Dog Lover’ status in 2007 the moment he adopted Bodhi, his 8 year-old Siberian Husky ( white one to the right) and then his other Siberian Huysky, Ceba.
  • Every step Matt takes is about leaving a legacy and providing his children, Amanda and Ashton, with an education they won’t learn in a classroom.
  • Travel, dinner parties, culinary exploration and any opportunity to enjoy wine with friends (new or old) brings the life’s greatest joy.
  • Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee and newspaper is an hour each week he savors.
  • A big glass of Syrah with friends and loved ones is what Matt considers a perfect moment.

If the wheels on your bus need to propel you faster and more efficiently along your road to success, Matt will be delighted to guide you to the results you desire.  Please feel free to contact Matt.


Matt Walters - Grape Leaf Hospitality - Passionate Hospitality Expert.  Marketing for Hotels, Wine Tourism, Lodging, Inns and B&B's.